MicaZ Support


Nano-RK runs on the MicaZ motes available from Crossbow. All kernel level functionality is supported. There are a few drawbacks to using the MicaZ motes instead of the FireFly nodes:

  • Hardware Modifications would be required to utilize external time synchronization
  • There is no mini-SD slot for external FLASH storage or future peripherals
  • The MicaZ has 4KB of RAM instead of 8KB limiting task set sizes
    • The newer ATmega1281 processor is also better on energy
  • FireFly nodes use standard .1" headers allowing for easier prototyping of add-on boards
  • FireFly nodes only have components on one side with a PCB antenna making for simpler manufacturing

Go to the Quick-Start page for installation and programming instructions.

Additional micaZ related instructions can be found on the micaZ-quick-start page.